“Because they couldn’t text”: Kids Explain Postcards

By Amanda Leach

Greetings! At the beginning of our Digital Projects in the Archives class, postcards are laid out on the table for any of us to send if we feel inspired to.  I started to send my children cards with random messages about my day.  Soon, my other classmates began to join me.  The kids really loved this and decided to start sending postcards back.  The following is their perspectives on this experience.

Dylan, Age 12:

I think that post cards are great because they are innovative and they show that people care about each other. There are two times that you would normally receive a post card and that is when a person who cares about you is on vacation or if they have recently moved away. Either way, it means that they care about you. I think the ones I get from my parents school are a great idea because make me think. I think that post cards are a way of showing someone that you care. It makes me feel special that we get customized post cards from my mom and her friends. I like talking to them too!


Maverick, Age 10: 

I like postcards because they’re easy to send and they can be about anything. I got a postcard with random numbers on it but it turned out to be a code. It was a lot of fun to decode it and I am better than my brothers at it. Also, they can cheer you up if you are having a bad day. It makes me happy when people share cards with me. I like to write postcards because it helps me share my adventures with others in a neat way. They are good souvenirs to get because they can help you remember fun places you have been. And since they are under a dollar, my parents never say no!


Giovanni, Age 7:

Postcards are useful in the past because they couldn’t text.  It is cool that you could send a postcard to your friend in your city and get a response the same day.  In the past, a mailperson rides a horse gives the postcard you made and gives it to the person you sent the postcard to.  I was really surprised when I got a postcard from my mom.  It was a little weird because she lives with me.  So then her friends wrote to me and told me cool facts. I like sending postcards so much now that my mom let me buy glow in the dark cards off Amazon.  Now I can write people all the time.


The David P. Campbell Postcard Collection, searchable at postcard.uakron.edu, is a key collection of the CCHP’s Institute for Human Science and Culture. This blog series chronicles student efforts to make a select group of these postcards more accessible through an Unclass offered through the EXL Center and the English Department at the University of Akron.


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