The Retiring of the Binders

By the Postcard UnClass

It’s the last day of class, which means that, for many of our groups, the work of scanning and metadata creation has come to a close. We marked the end of the term with what we’ve determined needs to become a tradition: a postcard cake and accompanying potluck:


A more solemn tradition, though, was established by The Hold-to-Light and Feminists Leap Year Vol. 2 groups, who officially reshelved their postcards to mark their project’s completion. The Binder Retirement Ceremony may not be elaborate, but it was meaningful nonetheless.


Final projects, though, are still to come, and we’ll be reporting on them throughout the summer. Stay tuned to hear more about what the class has come up with, and what potential new areas of research they have uncovered.


The David P. Campbell Postcard Collection, searchable at, is a key collection of the CCHP’s Institute for Human Science and Culture. This blog series chronicles student efforts to make a select group of these postcards more accessible through an Unclass offered through the EXL Center and the English Department at the University of Akron.


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